Highly acclaimed and respected trio, Alma, announce the release of their much anticipated debut album ‘Varieties’. This exciting and dynamic trio brings together award winning fiddlers John Dipper (EnglishAcoustic Collective) and Emily Askew (Askew Sisters) with superb guitarist Adrian Lever (Arhai).

Alma explore beautiful melodies from around the world, using the combination of two fiddles and guitar to develop these jewels into breathtaking arrangements,with weaving harmonies and intertwining accompaniments.Technical virtuosity andintricate ensemble interactionallow the fiddles to punch out individual solo lines, or combine to form the sound of a quartet with multiple voices and textures, while the guitar can be taking the melody or providing a driving accompaniment that takes the music to new places.

The fiddle, along with its cousins and forerunners, has found a home in almost every musical culture in the world. Its uniquely expressive range and

ability to mimic and accompany the human voice, has held a special place in our hearts and traditions for centuries. Whether it is yearning laments or frenetic dance tunes, the fiddle manages to embody what cannot be expressed in words.

Alma as a word appears in many languages across the world. In Spanish it means soul, in Latin - kindness, Arabic - water, Hebrew - beautiful lady, and in several languages including Hungarian it means Apple. Whilst drawing together this music and spanning many different

traditions, the connection with varieties of apples was made - hence the name of the album. Varieties is inspired by the rich fiddle traditions of Europe and beyond. Music has never obeyed borders; as people move, so too does the music they carry with them. Many traditions are woven with rich threads from these journeys and so our music continues to live, breathe and evolve.

Each member of Alma brings their own individual style and influences to the band:

John’s work with Chris Wood in the English Acoustic Collective, groundbreaking string quartet Methera, Patterson Dipper, and Dipper Malkin.

Emily’s extensive experience in early music (playing with The Dufay Collective, Shakespeare’s Globe and at Glyndebourne) as well as her work on the folk scene with The Askew Sisters and the Elizabethan Session.

Adrian’s knowledge of Eastern European music developed through his work with Arhai and Horses Brawl and through his studies with leading tambura player Vladimir Vladimirov in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

While they have all grown up playing music from the British Isles, their paths as musicians have led them to many different places and to forge many different connections.

This album is a testament to this sharing and exchanging of music, to the people they have met, the stories they have been told and the kindness they have been shown.

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Alma - "Varieties"

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